Monday, September 16, 2013

Great interactive website

Check out what my friend just shared with me!  It's a great website that has activities from Kinder through 5th grade.  I can't wait to try some of these in my classroom next week after Chuseok!  Chuseok is the Korean Thanksgiving, and it is THE biggest holiday in Korea.  Bigger than Christmas.  I actually have the whole week off this week.  And yes, I am enjoying every minute of it!

Teaching in Korea is very different than teaching in America.  For one thing, I've gotten not one bouquet of flowers, but two bouquets....the second one being three times as big as this one.  The only time I received flowers from my school in America was when I had surgery.  It sure is nice to feel appreciated!

I saw this on another blog and wanted to try it, so here goes...

I am: on vacation, in my apartment, relaxing
I feel: blessed
I hear: Andrew Peterson on my iPod
I love: new experiences

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