Thursday, December 12, 2013

A great couple of weeks

It has been a great couple of weeks lately.

I introduced new ABC puzzles to my students, which they really enjoyed.  They liked them so much that I made my own using my favorite clip art, the clip art I have used for all my ABC goodies.

Here are the ABC puzzles I created for my students.  Can't wait to use them!

ABC Puzzles

I also introduced Red Fish Blue Fish to Mina and Seora.  Mina absolutely loved it and tried to read along with me.  It was SO cute!

On Sunday, while all my friends and family back in Texas were stuck inside due to the ice storm, I was walking to church on a beautiful day.  Nah...not bragging at all.  Because only yesterday, I had to walk to school in the snow.

That lovely weather didn't last long.  On Monday afternoon, it was cold and rainy.  This weather actually reminds me a lot of Texas, only the variations don't happen as suddenly in Daejeon as they do in Texas.

Last week, I went to Deagu for the weekend and met a friend at the dog shelter there.  We played with the dogs and then took them for a dog walk to a park.  If you know anything about me, you will know that I LOVE dogs and experiencing new things in new places.  So this was by far one of my favorite experiences I've had in Korea.  I loved it!  And yes, I wish I could bring at least a couple of them home with me.

I fell head over heels in love with her.

My two dogs that I took on the dog walk...

In Korea, many people don't know how to interact with or treat dogs.  So it's important to teach them how to interact with them, so that they aren't so fearful.

My dogs made my house a home.  I feel lonely over here in Korea without them.  Sad face.  It's too quiet.  I saw a toy dog at the store yesterday and actually considered buying it.  Sad, huh?

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