Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Linky party!

I have been finding quite a few new blogs to follow, and I am officially hooked.  I just got started in the blogging world and can't wait to "meet" fellow bloggers, so I am linking up with Simply Kinder for her Teaching Blog Round Up.

This week and next week is Winter Camp at my school.  During winter vacation, schools usually provide a winter camp for students to come and have fun at school.  Families with money send their children to hagwons every day after school sometimes until 10:30pm-11:30pm.  Crazy, isn't it?  Then during winter vacation, these families send their children to the hagwons.  In Korea, it's all about the education...or actually how well you do on your final exam to get into college.  I heard today that 86% of students pass this test, so it's now all about performing a perfect score or as close to it as possible to get into the good colleges.  To give more students a fair chance, schools started offering winter camps, summer camps, and after school classes, especially for those students who can't afford to go to hagwons.  If you want to learn more about hagwons, you can read about them HERE.

I will be posting some pictures of our Winter Camp very soon.

I know our education system in America has its flaws, but I'm glad our students don't have to go to school until 10:30pm.  I have a teacher friend who has high school students that don't get home until close to midnight.  No high school football, no high school band, no drill team, no soccer team, no nothing.  So.  Much.  Pressure.  Many students are so tired in their classes that they fall asleep.  My friends say that it is often the case that out of 36 students, only 4 of them are awake.  The students at my school don't have all these extra classes because they are blind or visually impaired.

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Speaking of the New Year, I am wondering what 2014 will bring.  2013 brought some exciting changes in my life that I would have never foreseen.  The big one being moving to South Korea.  I still can't believe that I'm here.  But I am quickly reminded when I walk to school or walk to the subway in the cold weather.  Last Saturday, it was 19 degrees F when I started walking to the subway and got up to 24 degrees.  You might think that's nothing (especially if you live up north), but for this Texan, that's cold....especially when you don't have a car and have to walk everywhere.  You have to wear thermals under your jeans and your sweater/sweatshirt, a down coat, scarf, and gloves.  Here I am all decked out in my winter gear..and yes, my nose is cold.  It never nose always runs when I walk out in the cold.  What do you hope 2014 will bring you?

Happy New Year!

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