Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The joys of desk-warming

You might be thinking.... What is desk-warming?

In Korea, English teachers often have to desk-warm on student holidays.  The regular teachers don't usually have to be at school, but the GETs (Guest English Teacher) do.

The janitor and a couple of the office staff might be there.  And you.

I have had desk-warming 3 days this week.  On Monday, it wasn't fun because I didn't have any electricity.  I had heat, which was great.  I didn't mind the lights because I have a lot of windows in my office.  But I sure did mind the electricity because I couldn't use the computer or anything.

It finally got fixed in the afternoon after I complained.

So what do I do during desk-warming?

On my school computer, I watch Netflix.  I have already watched (again) every season of Toddlers and Tiaras.  Am I the only person who liked that show?  It's such a train wreck, and it made me want to smack some of the moms, but I still loved it.

I have also watched several movies, including all those great tear-jerker family ABC family Christmas movies during Christmas.

Now, I am on a Bones kick. I love that show and have seen every single episode.  So starting at the beginning again has been a real treat, back when Bones and Seeley weren't together.  Love it.

While I'm watching TV on my school computer, I am working on items for my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  These are some of the goodies I have been working on lately.

Match-Up Puzzles - mental math division
Match-Up Puzzles - fractions and decimals
Match-Up Puzzles - place value whole numbers expanded form
Mix & Match Math Choice Boards

I sure wish I knew what grade level and subject I will be teaching next year, so I could get a jumpstart and start creating games and activities.  So instead I am just creating things I would have used in the classroom in my previous years of teaching.  It keeps me busy during all those desk-warming hours.

Just curious...what would you do if you had desk-warming hours?

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  1. If I had desk-warming hours I would probably cry...because I would be scared and hear all kinds of noises. I don't do well in large places by myself. I'd probably curl up in a corner with blankets and read...or sleep with my head down on the desk to make the hours pass. I have never watched Bones. T & T's is HILARIOUS! My friend Ali sent me a great pin the other day on Pinterest. "I do Marathons (on Netflix)". Love Netflix!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'