Thursday, January 9, 2014

Volunteering in Korea

Back in Texas, I volunteered at my local animal shelter.  I had learned about photography and even took pictures on the side for a bit.  I thought if the dogs at the shelter had good pictures, then maybe more people would adopt.  The shelter loved the idea.

So I went to the training class and started going up to the shelter 1-3 times a week photographing dogs.  My sweet friend, Jimmie, went with me to hold the dogs while I took the picture.  I always had an arsenal of supplies....bandanas, squeaky toys, and treats.  I loved it.  I absolutely loved it.  Here are a couple of pictures that I took at the shelter. 

I miss volunteering at the shelter.  And I desperately miss my dogs.  Oh, how I miss them.  

So I try to volunteer at the dog shelters here in Korea whenever I can.  They are quite different.  Actually very different.  They make me sad.  But the dogs have it better than others.  It is sadly still common to use big dogs as food.  They are raised from puppies only to....or are sold at dog auctions.  It disgusts me.  But I can only do what I can do.  I can volunteer at the shelter.

I met some friends on Sunday, and we went to the dog shelter here in Daejeon.  It is actually not a shelter but someone's home.  This sweet lady runs the shelter out of her own home. 

We each got a dog to walk, and we went walking/hiking in the woods.  Let me tell you.  This was NO walk.  It was a hike.  With a tons of stairs.  

I named my dog, Petunia, and she loved her walk.  

Just some of the stairs.  There were more.  Many more.

Petunia.  Isn't she gorgeous?

At the top

If you would like to know more about my adventures in Korea, please check out my other blog,  The Elephant Hat, where I share pictures (I take a ton of pictures), stories, and experiences.  

I am counting down the days until my winter vacation, which starts on Monday.  I will be traveling in Thailand for 2 weeks.  I CANNOT wait!


  1. God bless your heart. I found your blog through the comment that you left on my blog. I also visited your other (non-teaching) blog. My eyes still have tears in them from reading about posts about your work with the animal shelters and your students. You are such a blessing to your school and community I am so touched by your work. I look forward to reading more of your beautiful posts. Hugs from abroad- Melissa :)

  2. Melissa, your sweet words touched my heart. Thank you SO much!